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Thank you to Rich and Sandi Mellon for choosing to hunt in Africa with Wild Horizon and for sharing the African episodes of their TV shows with us. Find them on facebook

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Married to the Hunt Ep 11: Red Hartebees

This is REAL hunting – you have to work for it. They are herd animals with good eyesight and their best defence is to run – they are fast with lots of eyes. Rich discusses what cartridge to take into Africa. Best advice - take what you can shoot well.

Married to the Hunt EP 10: Zebra

This is another herd animal - the many eyes and the constant movement of the herd make it difficult to get close to a specific animal. This huntrequires good optics and lots of patience.

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Married to the Hunt EP 8: Mixed bag

A rare daylight spotting of an Aardvark – or is it so rare? This show features warthog, aardwolf, steenbok and duiker in the Kalari. Wild Horizon trips are customisable and flexible which means decisions can be made on the fly

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Married to the Hunt Ep 7:  Kudu:

A Kudu hunt is on everyone’s hunt list for good reason; it is a magnificent trophy and it is not an easy animal to hunt.  In this episode Sani, hunts kudu in their natural, thick bush, habitat. This is REAL hunting.

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Married to the Hunt EP 2: Gemsbok

An excellent hunt of Gemsbok on their indigenous Kalahari in South Africa. The PH's skills are essential in the identification of which animal to shoot in a moving herd. 

Married to the Hunt EP 5: Mixed bag

The great thing about Africa is you never know what will present itself.  Its a good idea to have some of the more common animals on your list - they may present less of a challenge but they are so much fun to hunt!

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Married to the Hunt Episode 1:  Auodad (Barbary) Sheep

Sandi hunts an Auodad (Barbary) Sheep in Queenstown, South Africa with Clint Gower Wild Horizon PH

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Wild Horizon video Nyala.png

Outdoor Quest 2016 Ep 2 Nyala and Waterbuck:

Rich does the unthinkable killing a 30" water buck and 29 3/4" Nyala on the same day with Clint Gower from Wild Horizon.

Outdoor Quest 2016 Episode 5 Red Hartebeest and Fallow Buck:

Sandi hunts an old red hartebeest bull and then hits the high cap rock for fallow buck with Wild Horizon in South Africa.

Wild Horizon video Red Hartebeest.png

Wild Horizon 2016 Plains Game and Big 5

Rich hunts blesbok and wildebeest and then Sandi goes on a Big 5 Dangerous game photo safari.

Outdoor Quest TV - South Africa Kudu and Springbok

Hosts Rich and Sandi hunt kudu and springbok in South Africa. 

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The Finest Hunting

One of the great passions that we here at Wild Horizon Hunting have is to ensure that our clients are not affected by the commercialization of hunting in Africa, and as such our concessions are extremely remote and beautiful, yet offer the finest hunting.

At no stage do we host more than one party of hunters at a time, and all parties are under the personal guidance of the owner, Professional Hunter and Outfitter Guy Swart or his associate, Professional Hunter Clint Gower.

We offer a wealth of practical information and assistance to ensure that you get the most out of your South African hunting safari. If you are interested in a safari hunt in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, please contact us to discuss your requirements and the pricing of your South African hunting safari.

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