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Professional Hunter and Registered Outfitter Guy Swart has hunted and fished in Southern Africa for the past 30 years. He has a passion for preserving the true African Hunting experience and conservation of the fauna and flora that enable fulfilment of this pursuit.

Guy knows the areas hunted intimately and has forged strong relations with all stakeholders in the management and conservation of the hunting concessions. He has an excellent knowledge of indigenous game, birds and plant life. His other passion is fishing and he is an accomplished deep sea skipper and has fly-fished in both salt and fresh water all over Africa and many off shore destinations.

Guy has the knowledge and resources to assist you in planning you African experience so that your time and efforts are maximised and enjoyed and you will leave us longing to return.

Guy Swart - Owner, Professional Hunter, Outfitter and Skipper

Professional Hunter, Clint Gower, has a Bsc. Agriculture Degree, and together with his wife Julie-Anne, they own a cattle ranch with approximately 100 head of cattle. The cattle ranch is run along holistic principles.

Clint is an active conservationist and his knowledge of the African bush is immense. He is also a deep-sea fisherman and a professional hunter, setting an example for ethical and sustainable hunting, always considering the ecological effects of what is hunted. Even when fishing, he says: “We encourage our children and visitors to tag and release and only remove what can be eaten or that which is an exceptional trophy”.

Clint's qualifications, his vast knowledge of the bush and animals, and his conservationist attitude towards nature, make him an appreciated advisor and guest on local farms and reserves.

Clint Gower - Associate, Professional Hunter and Skipper 

I feel very privileged to be in the hunting profession. I’ve been guiding hunters since 2005 and I’ve been blessed to have made so many good friends. Yes, they started off as clients but are now counted among my friends!

Like my Wild Horizon colleagues, I have a passion for the bush and wildlife and although I am a hunter, I have great respect for my prey.

Every safari and every client represent a new and exciting challenge for me. I work hard to ensure that together we make unforgettable, special memories.

The Wild Horizon team is more than just business, it’s a family. Each client who hunts with us, joins our family, some for a few weeks and others for many years.

Sean Cromhout - Professional Hunter

For me being a Professional Hunter with Wild Horizon is all about sharing our privileged life with people who have common interests and ethics.


Together we hunt good animals, the correct way, in good company.


After a hard day out in the bush, there’s always a whole lot of good banter around the evening's fire.


Together, all these factors always result in a great safari for everyone concerned.

Ian Kloppers - Professional Hunter and Skipper

I have over 24 years hunting experience throughout the Eastern Cape and Limpopo. Having guided and personally taken hundreds of animals, from the common duiker to the mighty Eland, I have exceptional bushveld skills and a great knowledge of animal habitats and environments. As an accredited member of the Border hunting club, a CHASA member as well as a registered dedicated hunter and professional hunter, I believe in the sustainable utilisation of our natural resources on the African continent and am a firm advocate for conservation and preservation of our wildlife heritage.

I am also no slouch when it comes to contributing to the fireside banter in the evenings!  Guaranteed, all guests leave with a smile on their face after an unforgettable African safari.

Wayne Gallow - Professional Hunter


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