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Trip report Rich and Sandy Mellon 300dpi
Sandy Mellon Kudu.png

Sandi’s kudu bull took four days to accomplish after a brief glimpse the first evening.  We hunted with Clint and Des and nobody could ask for better Professional Hunters or hunting buddies.

Sandi and I arrived home a couple of weeks ago after a 24-day trip to South Africa. The trip consisted of sightseeing tours of Victoria Falls Zimbabwe and a 3-day Kruger National Park photo safari along with a busy schedule of hunting. 

Guy from Wild Horizon arranged everything and as we have come to expect of Guy and the Wild Horizon crew the trip was a smashing success.


We hunted on multiple properties and even travelled to the Kalahari along the Botswana border. We hunted hard, covering large areas hiking and scouting. We saw lots of animals and took some spectacular animals including aoudad, kudu, gemsbok, steenbok, duiker, zebra, blesbok, warthogs and hartebeest. We had plenty of opportunity but focused on old mature trophies.


This is real hunting, rugged terrain and very demanding on the hunter’s skills and shooting abilities.

The camps were comfortable and the food plentiful.


This was our third trip with Guy and Wild Horizon and we are already planning our next trip.

Rich and Sandi Mellon (Trapping Inc.)

Rich and Sandi Mellon: Trappers Inc. stars record their hit Canadian TV show with Wild Horizon
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